Thursday, August 26, 2004
Summer in Massachussetts

Bowling @ Boston Bowl

It was fun doing something active w/my buddies.  Those who were there were Thuylieu, Sandy, K-Li, and Loan

Baking Cupcakes @ Thuylieu's

Had some cravings for desert.  Present: Thuylieu, K-Li, Mark, Sandy came later on

A Day In Chinatown/NewYork


My first time in New York after a night of working out and clubbing...dang my feet were sore

Clubbing @ Venu

First time clubbing my my ladies.  I dunno how it went but the dressing up part was fun

Lunch @ Chinatown/Boston

Went around chinatown w/thuylieu and Sandy and ate at some japanese restaurant

Farewell to the Ladies


This was fun.  Got to see some more of my friends and thats when we all said our goodbyes
Present were: Sandy, Thuylieu, Supicha, Julia, Joy, Julie, Monica

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004
Summer 2004 Fun

Pic taken from kims page..At the waterfront..cant see any water though..hehe

from top left: cousins lien, kim, hang, voung, and nga
middle: me, mi, and phoung
bottom: thuy, mai, and mai

This is Panella Park, the park ive been constantly raving about

its not the same as i pictured it years ago..cuz its so small now and not as green..
but theres still a family of ducks living in the pond

from top left: voung, mi, phoung, mai, hang, nga, lien, me, kim
from bottom left: thuy and mai

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